Common Ground Health Clinic is a nationally reclaimed patient-centered medical home, located in a historic Algiers, New Orleans corner grocery store.

The committment of CGHC is to help meet the primary needs of the uninsured or the under insured.

Clinic Address:

1400 Teche St., Algiers,
New Orleans,
LA 70114

Clinic Hours:

Monday through Thursday,
8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Support Us

  • Volunteer: Many tasks and jobs are done by volunteers. We need people to help with the front desk, file, nurse, doctor, sort materials, cook, clean, carpentry, plumbing, painting, secretary, computer data entry, child care, manage projetcs, etc.. Let us know you can help out.

  • Spread the word: Let your political, community and religious representatives know you support the Common Ground Health Clinic and they should too! People who have resources need to be reminded to assist your clinic.

  • Donate: Make a donation. Every penny helps.

Thank You

Thank You to all of our supporters over the years! All those listed, and many more.....

Academy from Education- New Voices
Benjamin F. Adler
Chameleon Allen
Monique S. Allen
Bryn C. Anderson
Johnathan Arend
Orissa Arend
Nargis Awatramani
Baptist Community Ministries
Jeanne Barnard
Daniel Bausch
Robin A. Bell
Angelle Bencaz
Ruth Benn
Iris E. Biblowitz
Richard H. Bickhart
Sharon M. Billy
Carol Blakely
Shirley M. Blount
Risha Bond
Marlene Bordelon
Carol Boris
Rick Bortz
The Bowery Presents
Tracy D. Bright
Ann Broderick
Robert A. Bronzo
Karla F. Brundage
Bruno and Tervalon LLP
Jonathan Burkhart
Edwin E. Burks
Constance C. Burks
Kristiana and Mark Butler
Leslie Cabe
Anne Marie Caissie
Paul Caissie
Saundra Campbell
J. Camille
Cristi Canali
Kathleen F. Carey
Elizabeth Carter
Rick Ceschin
Jill V. Chaffee
Rita Chaffin
Stephanie Chase
Jerry Chernon
United Presbyterian Church
David Clemmer
Claire E. Cocco
Vera S. Cohen
Coloeado Care Co.
The College of St. Catherine
Santa Fe Community Foundation
Michael Anne Conley
Lillian Conway
Miriam H. Copp
Alice Craft-Kerney
Maureen Cruise
Elizabeth Culler
Stacey C. Cunningham
Kelly A. Curry
Lilian S. Dalke
Andrea D'Angelo
Lillian S. Dalke
Robert Darrow
Sherina Davis
Sandra Delgadillo
Noah Delissovoy
Delta Blues Productions, LLC
Elizabeth K. Derbes
Susan Dike
Virginia Dupuy
Linda D. Duragon
Suzanne E. Duvall
Diana Eggelston
Richard W. Ellson
Elizabeth Engel
Eric Engel
Jeffrey and Rebecca Engel
Anis Farooq
Janet Flores
Jose M. Flores
Michelle Florman
Stephen David Flynn
Pearl Foundation
The Foundation for the Mid-South
Ann Galloway
Patricia Chinn Gambale
Betsy Gannon
Cecille Gannon
Brooke GIbson
William M. Gilbert
Tammy M. Gilson
Joshua Gold
George and Eileen Goldman
Jeremy Graff
The Greater New Orleans Foundation
Gulf Coast Fund
Gwendolyn J. Green
Destiney Griffin
Natalie D. Gustave
Abby Hall
Andrea S. Hanaway
Clare M. Hanrahan
Mia H> Harris
Emily Harville
Rita A. Hayes
Dorothy M. Headley
Judy Helfland
Robert Heffner
Rebecca A. Heisler
W. Keith Henry
Highfeld Foundation
Charles Hirling
Diana R. Hodgson
Birgit Hofbaur
Judith and Alan Hoffman
Steven Horowitz
Hattie S. Howard
I Do Foundation
Janis Ruth Irvin
Rae Jacobson
John's Seafood
Donald J. Julien III
Luisa Isaba
Danielle Jenkins
Joyce M. Jones
Nelda Matirne Jones
Patricia Judd
Brigitte Karmona
Lena Kennedy
William Klinke
Mohan G. Kokatnur
Dale T. Labelle
Elizabeth Lamont
Lang Family Foundation
Elaine Lee
Regina Lemoine
Mary T. Lerner
Hugh Lester
Heather Levine
Anna M. Levitt
Sharon Lieser
Pricilla Lightcap
Abby Lippman
Lounika T. Littleton
Terry Ann Lombard
Marilyn F. Lorentz-Weinkauff
Bay Love
Julia Ludwig
Ma Betsy
Carol MacPhail
Terrence R. Maguire
Lynn Marsh
Wanda J. Mattews
Heather L. Mattingly
Michelle McAlpin
Lissa A. McLeod
Teloca McLinn
Laura McMillan
Andrew Menan
Sharon Miller
Edward Mitchell
Lorraine S. Monseu
John Moore
Lisa Moore
Robert and Margaret Morgan
Margaret M. Morton
Margo Moscou
Patricia Muhammad
Elizabeth Muller
Coleen Murphy
Judith and Robert Murphy
Kathleen Murphy
De'Jon Muwwakkil
Bryan Nelson
Marion Otieno Nelson
Network for Good
New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
Antor Odu Ndep
Joseph Nickell
Karen Nielsen
Aaron J. Orlowski
Megan and Scott Oskay
Ianna Owen
Dina Palazola
Erica L. Pantuso
Nicholas Parrish
Marie Isabelle Pautz
Mary Beth Pell
Mr. Perkins
Don Perry
Simon Piller
Charlyne Pinckney
Anita M. Powell
Primary Care and Access Stabilization Grant
Delcy F. Puerto
Susan D. Putnam
Liz Rantz
Yvonne Rearick
David C. Reeves
Ruth Reeves
Alvin Robertson
George Rodkey
Sulma Rojas-Gutierrez
Christiaan N. Roselund
Hugh Sanderford
Torin T. Sanders
David Israel Sandler
Carol Bloom Sani Rifati
Eva San Martin
Mary M. Sarpy
Carole D. Schultes
Jeffrey Karl Schwartz
Second Baptist Church
Brian Schneiderman
Margaret L. Seely
Jayme Selig
Gary Sells
David Ross Shaw
Peter Shaw
Wendy Shimmin
Avinash Kumar Sidhar
Heidi Sinclair
David E. Smith
David E. Smith Family Foundation, Inc.
Kristol L. Smith
Robin Smith
Richard B. Sobol
Susan Soboroff
Southern Coalition for Social Justice (Ford Foundation)
Brenda Spencer
Ellyn Stecker
Richard and Jill Stone
Eric B. Stowe
St. Paul United Church
Katherine Swan
Doris Sullen
George and Madeline Tambe
Gayle S. Taylor
Betty Tharpe
Germaine B Thompson
Jay B. Thompson
Kirsten Thomsen
Melissa Tidwell
Illya Tietzel
Jennifer R. Ueunten
Ronald and Carol Vanhouten
Virginia Organizing Project
Wind Vogel
Eric Volpe
Zachary Wales
Richard Waller
Y. A. Warren
David Weinkauff
Scott Weinstein
Ashley B. Wennerstrom
Paki Wieland
Gary Williams
Harley Winer
Leonard Wolfe
Amy Wong
Harmony Wu
Nadiya Wuerth and Kim Poe
Desiree H. Young
Donna J. Young
Lissa Young
Carolyn Zinnerman
Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club
Rebecca E. Zuniga